Who doesn't enjoy a daily challenge? Or finishing each workday with a feeling of accomplishment and reward? At Colonial Life we strive to ensure that our home office employees and members of our sales organization feel as though they have made a difference. We don't just offer outstanding careers at Colonial Life; we offer a sense of accomplishment and necessity. Every individual is given the chance to grow with the company, working to explore and perfect their current and newly gained skills. We are a team. And we are always looking for new faces to assist us in continuing to develop and thrive in the voluntary insurance industry! Look to Colonial Life to make your career count.

 Established in 1939 and headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, Colonial Life specializes in personal insurance products offered to employees at the worksite. We boast a great resource of individuals, both in the field and at the home office, who come together to guarantee our continued success in the voluntary insurance industry.

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